Collector Car Insurance

Collector Car Insurance

A collection of links to some insurance companies that specialize in collector car coverage. The MG Club of St. Louis does not endorse or recommend any of these entitites we’re simply providing informational links. As with using any business or service, please do your own due diligence and reference checking.

American Hobbyist Insurance

Affordable Insurance for Antique Cars, Street Rods & Modern Classics. American Hobbyist Insurance is dedicated to serving you, the car hobbyist. Our exceptionally low rates reflect the fact that hobbyists, in general, are very safe drivers and their cars are among the most cared-for vehicles on the road. Our program is underwritten by American Reliable Insurance Company* and is available in 44 states. It is not currently available in Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, or Virginia

Grundy Worldwide

From Classic Cars to Muscle Cars, We’ve Got You Covered. Often referred to as works of art, antique cars, classic cars, street rods and milestone collector cars can command prices as high as famous works of art. And like famous works of art, they tend to increase in value. Grundy Worldwide recognizes that as a collector you take great pride in protecting your investment and we honor our customers with low rates and the optimum protection every day.

Hagerty Collector Network

Providing collector vehicle and boat insurance, roadside assistance, finance, international services and a host of resources for the hobbyist, Hagerty Collector Network is designed to be your one-stop shop for hobby information.

J C Taylor

Whether you’re new to us or an old friend, we invite you to see why we’re the world’s largest insurer of specialty automobiles. We know this industry. We know these cars. And best of all, we know you. We know this isn’t just a car to you. It’s your time machine, your memory scrapbook, it’s your hobby, your passion, your refuge, your joy. And nobody else cares for your car like your friends at JC Taylor.