Photos & Drives

Driving Routes

Driving Routes Back roads to Hermann, MO via The River’s Edge Restaurant in Fredericksburg

Here is a drive that was used for a Spring Fling event that takes you to Fredericksburg and “The Rivers Edge” Restaurant.

Fall Color Tour Route – 2007

If you missed the 2007 Fall Color Tour this will enable you to re-run the great route.

First Annual St. Louis British Car Show – Post Show Sunday Drive

A great drive that was originally run on the Sunday after the 2008 show. Plenty of breaks are built in so enjoy the drive!

Rally Routes

2007 Halloween Rally Route & Questions

Re-run the the 2007 Halloween Route with these instructions. The answers are included so print these carefully if you don’t want to cheat.

2008 Halloween Rally Route & Questions

If you’d like to drive the 2008 route this will let you follow along and if you want the answers to the questions are on the last page, page 6, so print carefully.

2008 Lucas Night Rally Route

If you want to re-run the Lucas Night Rally route here are the directions without the rally questions. Some great roads – definitely worth a drive in daylight.